The Geneva Greeters are local residents who want to share their passion for their city with visitors in an authentic way. We are currently close to 20 members from different ages and professional horizons. You could either meet an architect, a young graduate,  an employee from the United Nations or a retired manager from a Swiss bank. All greeters are volunteers who give some their personal time for the visits. Yet, we are not professional tour-guides. Our visits are totally free-of-charge, and are last between 2 to 3 hours.

Each Greeter has a unique knowledge and perspective about the town. Based on your interests, we will aim at matching you with the most adapted Greeter. Greeters might show you famous sight-seeing locations, but also bring you off-the-beaten tracks to discover their favourite spots and hidden-gems. 

Visiting Geneva with a Greeter is also about meeting a local and being immersed in the destination. You will get to know more about the local daily life and culture. Finally, your Greeter could share with you 'insider' tips for your remaining vacation (restaurants, bars, events, and shops). The Geneva Greeters are supported by the Geneva Tourism office, and you can also find us on their website.

We are looking forward seeing you here. Bienvenue à Genève! Welcome to Geneva!

Alain HIRT (founding member)