1. How often do I need to be available to take Greets?
Ideally you should be available for at least 10 greets per years (20 - 40 hours of time). If you want to offer more time to the program, we welcome you to do so. 

2. How long do I need to allocate for a Greet?
All greets run for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours. The visit can start any time between 9am and 3pm, every day of the week, and all year long outside public holidays.

3. Where do we meet to begin the Greets?
You can agree with the visitor about the meeting place in advance by email or phone. If they agree, you can also propose to meet them at their hotels or accommodation. 

4. Is there a maximum number of visitors I can take on a greet?
Yes, we take individuals or groups with a maximum number of 6 persons traveling together.They can be family members, a couple, friends, working colleagues, or even newcomers in town (students, expats). The small group approach is also a shared principle of the Global Greeter Network. 

5. Do I need to contact the visitor prior to a greet?
Bookings are only taken online via the website. Here is the step by step approach.

  • A Geneva Greeter coordinator will email you the details of the visit booked online by a visitor
  • As soon as you receive the email, please advise the coordinator if you are available to lead the greet on the proposed dates and time 
  •  If you are available, please contact the visitor directly via email to confirm meeting date, location, and time. You should also address special needs or requirements with the visitor.
  • Once you have received confirmation of meeting details with the visitor, please email the details to genevagreeter@gmail.com

6. Who pays for the expenses?
You would be responsible for covering your own expenses during the visit, including using public transportation, and buying a snack or a drink. The visitors are also responsible to cover their own expenses. 

7. Do I need to be prepared for all weather?
The Greeting visit can take place in different weather conditions. If the weather conditions create some risks for safety or make the visit uncomfortable (e.g. heavy snow or heavy rain), you can discuss and agree with the visitors in advance about a potential cancellation or replacement. Please contact Geneva Greeters coordinator to advise it via genevagreeteer.com. 

8. What happens if I have an emergency, and I can’t take the scheduled greet?
If the emergency arises prior to the day of the greet, please call the visitors first to inform them. If they do not answer, leave a message, and send them an email as well. Please also email us at genevagreeter@gmail.com. It is important that our Greeters are reliable, and do not cancel greets except in cases of genuine emergency.

9. What happens if I am sick and am unable to take the scheduled greet?
If you are feeling sick and are rostered on to take a greet the next day, please let us know in advance so we can make alternative arrangements. If you wake-up sick on the day, please call your visitors directly, and advise the Geneva Greeters coordinator via email (genevagreeter@gmail.com) or phone.

10. Do I need to be on time?
As you are representing the Geneva Greeters, the city and its people, it is important to arrive in advance of the greet commencement time (5-10 minutes). In case of un-avoidable delays, please ensure you have the visitor’s number with you at all times on the day of the greet so you can contact them as soon as possible. Please make at least one phone call to a visitor’s mobile if you are running late so the whole group can be informed. 

11. Can I use my car or the car of a visitor?
No, the Greeter visits are all walking visits or using the public transportation system (buses, tramways, boats).

12. Can I accept tips?
As the Geneva Greeter Program is voluntary, you cannot accept money or tips of any kind. However, if a visitor wishes to express their appreciation for the Geneva Greeters service, please direct them to the website where they can make donations. These donations will help us in funding the ongoing operations of the program. Symbolic gifts can be accepted such as being offered a drink in a bar or café.

13. What do I need to do at the end of each greet?
Please encourage your visitors to visit and "like" the Geneva Greeters Facebook page, post a comment on Trip Advisor, and follow us on Twitter. Greeters and visitors alike can also use the hashtag #mygeneva on Twitter to share pictures of their visits and of the group.