Each visit with a Greeter is uniquely designed for you and you travel companions. To book a Greeter visit, you just need to fill-in a form online (Book a visit). 

Despite being all unique, our visits share some common characteristics in their philosophy:

1) PERSONALIZED: Each visit is defined based on your personal interests. If you have a passion for architecture, local history or parks, you can tell us and we will try to match you with the adapted Greeter. If you do not have anything specific in mind,  you can let the Greeter show you his intimate Geneva, bringing you to his favorite places, and showing you his hidden-gems.

2) FREE-OF-CHARGE: all our visits are 100% free of charge because Greeters do it on a voluntary basis. During the visit, the Greeter is supposed to cover his own expenses (e.g. bus ticket, snack or drink). On your side, you will also need to cover your personal expenses. If you desire to support us, we do accept donations on our Paypal account. 

3) AUTHENTIC: Greeters are all volunteers living in Geneva, and who are interested in sharing with you their unique knowledge of the city. They will give you insights about the places and the local culture or daily life. They can also give you tips for your remaining vacation regarding best bars, restaurants, shops, and events. It is a unique way to get to know the people of Geneva in an informal setting. It can happen that you will end-up sipping a drink with your Greeter on a terrasse! 

4) EXCLUSIVE: Greeter visits are made for individuals or small groups of up to 6 persons traveling together (family, friend, work colleagues). 

5) SUSTAINABLE: Greeters offer walking visits while keeping the possibility to use the efficient Geneva public transportation system to move from one area to the other. The size of Geneva makes it perfect to walk, and the frequency of public buses, trams, and boats is high. You will need to cover the cost of your own public transportation expenses.


Photo © Genève Tourisme & Congrès.